Full Wedding Planner Serving Boston, MA

We have over 11 years of wedding planning and event design experience in New England. This allows us to guide all our amazing couples through the planning and design process with ease. Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding, but planning that can be quite a task. Throw in all of the cultural differences associated with weddings and the task can become overwhelming. JD Designs will work directly with you and your families to handle all of aspects of your wedding. The result is an extraordinary event that is just as you envisioned. We are your Full Wedding Planner in Boston, MA!


JD Designs provides assistance from initial consultation to on-site coordination for your rehearsal, wedding ceremony and reception. We work side by side with you to go over all the details that will make your wedding one of a kind. We take all steps to ensure that your caterers, florists, photographers, make-up artists, musicians and stagers bring style and quality to your event that will set it apart from the ordinary. We are the best Go-To Wedding Planner in Boston, MA.


Provides on-site coordination services to couples who only need assistance on the day of the event. We are represented as your “wedding planner” for your rehearsal and on your wedding day. You meet with our consultant 3 months in advance to discuss your specific plans. We take all of your information and coordinate with you and your vendors exactly what is necessary to make your wedding day go exactly as planned. Let us be your Wedding Planner in Boston, MA!

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