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I am the oldest of four girls, so being in charge and a leader comes naturally to me. I have been passionate about helping others my entire life. From helping my mom, the strongest single mom who worked three jobs while raising three aspiring girls, to helping care for my little sister who was born with spinal-bifida and helping her find normalcy in a chaotic world. I have always used every atom in my body with everything I do.

As I started to explore a career path, Fashion, Art and Design fed my mind, body and soul. I began my studies at Newbury College in Brookline, MA with a Major in Fashion Design & Minor in Business Management. Newbury College allowed me to explore a word of private fashion shows, gallery openings and more. I decided it was my time to shine and with the help of my dearly departed best friend Hector, I got involved in G.L.A.D, and created my first event. It was a Holiday Drag Show to raise money for various G.L.A.D organizations in difference colleges. My true passion for design and logistics blossomed, and we raised alot money and the event was a huge success.

From that moment I have devoted myself to event designing. I have received education through the ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) and College. I joined the prestigious ILEA of Boston (International Lives Events Association) and became a valued Board Member for a few terms. I worked for various vendors to better understand their roles in events such as high end photographers, videographers, a/v and productions companies, and florists. I consider myself an Event Designer, combining my knowledge of business, design, logistics and decor into real life events.

I love being an event designer in Boston, MA. My heart may be in New York where I am from, but my soul belongs to Boston! Contact us today so we can plan your event!

Email: jdeedesigns@gmail.com | Phone: 857-301-8709

Event Designer – Boston, MA