Postponed Weddings: Reprint Invitation or Not?

March 13, 2021

Photographer: Katie Noble Photography

Did you have to postpone your wedding due to Covid-19 restrictions? Has your state lifted some gathering guidelines? Now that you are moving forward with your postponed wedding, are you unsure about re-sending out those expensive wedding invitations?

A good thing to note is that you are not alone. Nine out of 10 couples rescheduled their weddings last year due to the pandemic. Now, all the engaged couples are reorganizing their nuptials. The number one question ask of a wedding planner is, do we re-send out those wedding invitations? The answer is: not really. We know your guests have saved their first invitation with all the general information required to navigate the wedding day. Your guests now want to know, is the party happening?

We have observed many companies adapt to the changes during this pandemic, and one that stands out the most is the food industry. If you go into a restaurant, you cannot use the menu to order from; instead, you must use a QR code to order your meal. This QR code works with all phone models and brings you directly to the menu—an easy and efficient way of ordering your meal. So we thought, why not adapt that to the wedding industry.

Many couples create a wedding website to help assist guests, so utilizing that technology, you can set up an RSVP page that allows guests to reply Yes or No to your event, along with a food selection. Using a QR that links to the wedding website would enable couples to track guests’ replies more efficiently. So rather than send out that stunning wedding invitation again, send out a beautify modified wedding RSVP with a QR that directs your guests right to the webpage to RSVP with ease.

Photographer: Katie Noble Photography