About JennieDee

Jennie Dee

JennieDee is described as retro – fun – modern – eclectic – unique – timeless, which really does sum up her personality. The oldest of four girls, she is a born leader and a very passionate person. She has been quoted as saying “I use every atom in my body with everything I do”. She started out planning small birthday parties for her family as a young child, using construction paper to create elaborate décor around the house. At a young age, her mother knew she was meant to design and be her own boss.

JennieDee went to Newbury College in Brookline, MA studying Fashion Design & Management. With the support of friends that bring out that excitement and passion for design, she executed her first event for the Boston chapter of G.L.A.D. With the help of a close friend, JennieDee realized that her passion for design wasn’t just meant for clothing but for people to experience in other ways. From that moment on she has dedicated all her designs to her late friend Hector Medina and most recently became Gay Wedding Certified. She also runs the Samaritans Hope 5K to raise awareness in suicide prevention.

As an Event Designer, JennieDee exudes a combination of many skills such as window and set dressing, fashion design, merchandising and styling. JennieDee has a creative eye that gives her the ability to think outside the box and look at a venue as a blank canvas, effectively creating something out of nothing. She has the ability to work towards deadlines under pressure while staying organized and having a great attention to details.

We are an Event Design company that specializes in focusing on the aesthetic that give your event that “WOW” factor! Our approach is like an artist – focusing on the details, while keeping the big picture in mind. We invite you to come in and share your visions and dreams. JennieDee will combine your vision with unique design and style, creating a stunning event that is a reflection of you!